Trouble shooting: solutions to common Wikispaces conundrums

Adding members

Q: Why is it that sometimes apparent existing members are not automatically added to a new wiki when you add their username?
A: If the person has not validated their original invitation and confirmed their email address they will be sent another email rather than being automatically added to the members list

Table of contents

Q: After I added media to my page the TOC had funny characters showing. How do I get rid of them?
A: Occasionally when you add media a set of double equals signs gets added to the either end of the code.
Click on EDIT THIS PAGE - click on TEXT EDITOR button - locate where your media code is and delete the == from either end

Disappearing images

Q: Why can't some people can't see my jpg images I have embedded on a page?
A: Your images may be too large. Ensure that you resize any images down to no more than 800 pixels wide before uploading.

Clock & timezone

Q: When I try to log in I'm getting the message "Your computer clock appears to be set incorrectly. This may cause problems logging in to Wikispaces. Your computer clock is set to 6:18 pm UTC while the real time is 1:12 am UTC."
A: Overseas students need to ensure that their clock & timezone settings are the same. Right click on your clock in the computer toolbar & adjust both settings to local context.

Wiki invitations

Q: Is there a time limit on accepting an invitation to a wikispace?
A: Yes, invitations expire in a couple of weeks and must be resent.